I think spelling is important, and so I thank the Japan Times for bringing the Scripps Spelling Bee to Japan. Our school’s participation in the bee has helped to strengthen our students” desire to be good spellers. So thank you Japan Times, for helping our students get excited about spelling.

— International School Of the Sacred Heart–


The JT Spelling Bee is one of the highlights of the year for our young students. The event is exciting not only for the students, who now walk around school spelling words they hear, but also for the adults, who are blown away at the talent of these children. Thanks for all your excellent organization of the event, and for the competitive yet nurturing atmosphere.

— KAIS International School —


The crowd at our school spelling bee was at a fever pitch. The shouts of encouragement for the spellers were deafening, and I loved seeing our students get so excited about spelling.

— International School Of the Sacred Heart–


Spelling bees are not just about competing. It’s also about gaining knowledge and making new friends. Even the losers are winners. But most of all, E-N-J-O-Y!!

— The 2nd Japan Times Bee champion —


It’s a dream come true to see your child compete in a spelling bee! Thanks to Japan Times Bee Team, and the sponsors, Japanese kids can showcase their English skills to the world!

— The 2nd Japan Times Bee champion’s mother —


Yokota Middle School had its first Japan Times Spelling Bee experience in 2010-11, and what a year to join in. Despite the earthquake and its aftereffects, the Japan Times moved forward with its plans for holding the Bee when it would have been much easier just to let it slide—who would’ve blamed them? However, in keeping the Bee, the Times maintained a level of normalcy and continuity for our children, not to mention a great, competitive Spelling Bee.

— Yokota Middle School —


Thanks for all your hard work at Japan Times to make the Spelling Bee a success and great experience for so many students!

— Tokyo YMCA International School —


The Japan Times Spelling Bee is a great way add an element of fun and friendly competition as students develop their understanding of spelling and the complexities of the English language!

— The Montessori School of Tokyo —