1. Spellers can not go back and start spelling again and change the order of letters from their first spelling attempt.
  2. Spellers can be disqualified by the judges if:
    a) They fail to start spelling within a reasonable amount of time.
    b) They refuse to approach the microphone to spell, or if they make unintelligible sounds and cannot be understood when spelling.
    c) They engage in behaviour deemed unsportsmanlike.
  3. If none of the spellers remaining in the spelling bee at the start of a round spells a word correctly during that round then all remain in the competition and a new round begins.
  4. If only one speller spells correctly in a round then he or she progresses to a new one word round and this speller is given the next word to spell (the potential championship word.) If the speller spells this word correctly then they are the winner.
  5. If the speller in point 4 above misspells the anticipated championship word then a new round begins with ALL the spellers from the previous round. This includes those who spelled correctly AND incorrectly.
  6.  The following are not problems, and the speller cannot be disqualified if:
    a) They fail to pronounce the word either before OR after spelling it.
    b) They ask a question about the word. (Although the pronouncer can not answer questions about the root forms of words)
    c) They note OR fail to note any capitalization used in a word.
★NEW★Oral Vocabulary element

We will have a formal Oral Vocabulary Round on March 6th.
This information was announced several times, but we would like to remind you of this.

This will be inserted after the break in the latter rounds.
Spellers will be eliminated if they fail to get the definition correct.

As such, we advise you to practice for and have this Oral Vocabulary element.

All materials for the vocabulary round section can be found in your teacher’s beehive on the Scripps website. The vocabulary round or rounds can be inserted into your bee at any point.