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◆ How do we apply?

Schools are required to register BOTH at the Scripps National Spelling Bee website ( spellingbee.com ) AND The Japan Times Bee website.  Please make sure to register in two places.

*The Bee sets participants’ maximum grade level at the eighth grade.
The speller must have neither passed beyond the eighth grade nor reached his/her 15th birthday on or before August 31, 2020. The Japan Times will be accepting 1 winning speller from each registered school.

* In the case that your school has more than one part, for example an elementary and middle school, then you will need to register these separately (2 registrations) if you want to send a winning speller from each to our Japan Spelling Bee next year. Please check our website for details, including age restrictions, and send any questions about registration or other Japan Spelling Bee matters to spellingbee@japantimes.co.jp
Please see the Eligibility section in the students and parents category on the Scripps National Spelling Bee website for more detailed information concerning restrictions on grades and ages as well as other restrictions.

<Enrollment fee>

  • The Early Bird School Enrollment Fee (Extended (8/22-12/20):  $175

*No Standard School Enrollment Fee for 2020 Official Spelling Bee.
*Please note that schools need to be registered at the Scripps National Spelling Bee website AND The Japan Times no later than the above deadline.

When registering please ensure that

  1. You supply your school name correctly word for word. This name will be used on all bee related correspondence and there can not be variations in the form and/or spelling
  2. Your contact person(s) will be reliable and available for the duration.
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Inquiries :
Japan Spelling Bee Team
E-mail : spellingbee@japantimes.co.jp
The Japan Times, Ltd.