7th Japan Times Bee

Posted on March 19, 2016
The 7th Japan Times Bee, Champion

Mr. Sidaarth Kumarevel / Tathva International Secondary School
The Japan Times Website: The 12-year-old winner of the 7th Japan Times Bee credits victory to hard work

Congratulations, Sidaarth!

Sidaarth Kumarevel, 12, from Tathva International Secondary School. (Satoko Kawasaki photo)

Congratulations to Sidaarth Kumarevel from Tathva International Secondary School in Tokyo’s Edogawa Ward for winning the 7th Japan Times Bee! You can read our full report about the Japan Times Bee in the March 21st edition of The Japan Times. You can also read our recap on our website.

Participants gather for the 7th Japan Times Bee held in Tokyo on Saturday.
Participants gather for the 7th Japan Times Bee held in Tokyo on Saturday. | SATOKO KAWASAKI

  1. Abroad International School
  2. Axis Internationl School
  3. Bechtel Elementary School
  4. Bradford Academy
  5. Canadian International Elementary School Tokyo
  6. Canadian International Junior High School Tokyo
  7. Columbia International School
  8. Fukuoka International School
  9. Global Indian International School
  10. Gyosei International Junior High School
  11. Gyosei International Primary School
  12. Gyoshu Junior and Senior High School
  13. Hiroo Gakuen
  14. Horizon Japan International School
  15. India International School in Japan
  16. India International School in Japan (Primary)
  17. India International School in Japan at Yokohama
  18. K. International School Tokyo
  19. Kadena Middle School
  20. KAIS Elementary & Middle School
  21. KAIS International School
  22. Kaiyo Academy
  23. Kakegawa International Christian School
  24. Katoh Elementary School
  25. Kyoto International University Academy
  26. Makuhari International School
  27. Nishimachi International School
  28. Okinawa Christian School International
  29. Okinawa Christian School International (Middle)
  30. Sollars Elementary School
  31. Sullivans Elementary School
  32. Tathva International Primary School
  33. Tathva International Secondary School
  34. The Montessori School of Tokyo
  35. Tokyo YMCA International School
  36. Tsukuba International School
  37. Willpower Learning Institute
  38. Yokota West Elementary School