6th Japan Times Bee

Posted on September 2, 2014
The 6th Japan Times Bee

Dear School,

The Japan Times is pleased to announce that it will hold its 6th spelling bee on Saturday, March 14th 2015.

This year’s early bird registration fee is $130.  Early bird registration ends on Oct 15th. There is then a standard registration period from Oct 16th to Dec 12th which costs $205.

Only one school  can enroll per one registration fee. If your school has two or more parts etc…then additional enrollment fees will need to be paid for each additional school.

 To enroll you must sign up at both sites below.  Registering at one of these sites only will mean an incomplete and unfinished application. It is also important that you do both registrations at the same time.

 Please register / pay with Scripps here (from now)

 a) http://www.spellingbee.com/

 Please also register with The Japan Times here

 b) http://spelling-bee.japantimes.co.jp/enroll/

 When registering please ensure that

 a) You supply your school name correctly word for word. This name will be used on all bee related correspondence and there can not be variations in the form and/or spelling.

 b) Your contact person(s) will be reliable and available for the duration.

 Thank you and we look forward to your registration.