★Important dates

Posted on December 9, 2013
The 5th Japan Times Bee
To:All Schools,
Please note the schedule and deadlines below. It is extremely important that these deadlines are observed. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
a) Please inform the JT (spellingbee@japantimes.co.jp) of the date of your local school bee by Jan 15th (Wed) 
b) Please do not hold your local spelling bee later than Feb 7th (Fri) 
c) Please send us your champions information no later than Feb 14th (Fri) This deadline is very important. Please do not miss this date. Thank you. 

Oral Vocabulary Element

The 5th Japan Times Bee to be held next year on March 22nd will include a round using the newly introduced oral vocabulary element.
However, this will only be a practice round and only at the beginning of the bee. This is to give all spellers, and our final winner, an experience of this new element.
Spellers will not be eliminated for making a mistake during this practice round.
With any future bees after 2014 the JT will incorporate these oral vocab rounds into the bee proper.
Japan Times Bee Team