Important announcement

Posted on December 14, 2012
The 4th Japan Times Bee

Dear Schools,
We wish you all a happy festive season.  Please note the information below. Thank you.
Using the approved materials supplied by the Scripps National Spelling Bee, each school is required to hold a school spelling bee contest between Jan 14th and Feb 10th 2013.
The winner of your school’s Spelling Bee can attend the 4th Japan Times Bee.
a )Please report the date and time of your local school bee to us as soon as you know it and no later than Jan 15th.   This is very important. Thank you in advance.
In addition, each school needs to report the following information to The Japan Times via this link: ( by Feb. 13th.
1) Winner’s full name
2) Winner’s age
3) Winner’s date of birth
4) Brief comment from the winner. (E.g. “I’ll do my best from here” etc…)
Please limit these comments to a maximum of 20 words.
Please send item no 5 below directly to by Feb 15th.
5) Individual digital Photo of your winner (Color, JPEG format, Passport size with face and shoulders)
Thank you.

The 4th Japan Times Bee Team