2nd Japan Times Bee

Posted on May 15, 2011
The 2nd Japan Times Bee, Champion

Mr. Yuichi Yoshioka / Global Indian International School
The Japan Times Website: Presentient proves key at second Japan Times Spelling Bee

Registered schools 24 schools

  • Axis Kichijoji Int’l
  • Bechtel Elementary School
  • Canadian Academy
  • Canadian Int’l School
  • Columbia Int’l School
  • Global Indian Int’l School
  • Gyosei Int’l School
  • Hiroo Gakuen
  • Horizon Japan Int’l School
  • Int’l School of the Sacred Heart
  • Jack N. Darby Elementary School ★
  • KAIS Int’l School
  • Matthew C. Perry Elementary School
  • The Montessori School of Tokyo
  • Nishimachi Int’l School
  • Okinawa Christian School Int’l Elementary School
  • Okinawa Christian School Int’l Middle School ★
  • Ryukyu Middle School
  • Santa Maria School
  • Shirley Lanham Elementary School
  • Stearley Heights Elementary School  ★
  • Tokyo YMCA Int’l School
  • Tsukuba Int’l School
  • Yokota Middle School

★ Unable to compete due to the March 11th earthquake.